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What to bring on your charter.

There may be several different types of weather encountered during the charter so please bring appropriate clothing to layer as conditions change throughout the day.  We have lots of storage available so you'll be able to safely store your items for the trip.

Things you should bring with you to be prepared:

  • Fishing License (click to get your license online)

  • Non-Skid rubber soled shoes (no work boots please)

  • Sun Block

  • Chapstick

  • Sun Glasses

  • A Hat

  • Rain Gear

  • Sweatshirt / Jacket

  • Camera / Cell phone to take pictures of your catch

  • Water Bottle / Beverages (Beer is ok but please bring cans, no hard liquor)

  • Snacks (please NO BANANAS) click here to see why

  • Dramamine (If you need to take it I recommend the non drowsy type)

  • Cooler, if you plan to keep your catch (we will clean and bag the fish for you)

  • No need to bring any fishing tackle, we provide everything needed

If you want to pack all these items in a backpack or small bag it will easily be stored on board, we have several cold storage areas and large coolers on board so it is not necessary for you to bring your own, you're welcome to use ours for convenience.

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